How to Apply for Community Foundation Grants

Before an application is submitted, grant applicants are asked to talk with our staff to discuss the project. You may contact our staff by calling 517.278.4517 or by e-mailing

The purpose of the conversation is to gather enough information to assess if there is funding available for the particular project or interest area before asking the applicant to go through the more formal grant application process.

If we don't have funding available, we will let you know.  If there is funding available for the project, staff will let you know the status and send you a grant application to complete. An expression of interest or the provision of an application should not be considered a guarantee of funding. All grant requests go through a complete review process before any funding decision is made.

Grant Application Guidelines & Instructions for Applying

Please read through our general grant guidelines and instructions for applying.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please contact our office at 517-278-4517.