Community Foundation Announces Scholarship Availability

The Branch County Community Foundation has announced the availability of scholarships for those attending college, university, or trade school in the fall of 2015. Scholarships are available for all graduates of Branch County or Colon area schools including charter, private, and home-schooled students. Deadline for acceptance of scholarships is 3:00 p.m. on March 27, 2015.

The Foundation offers scholarships for those starting college, already in college, and for adults seeking an undergraduate degree. Scholarships are available to students entering business, engineering, nursing, art, music and many other careers. To apply, please visit the Community Foundation’s website and create an account through the online portal. Applicants will be able to enter all their information and submit their application. After submission application information will be used to determine eligibility for any of the Community Foundation’s scholarships. Applicants will be notified of eligibility and if any other information is needed to move their applications forward for committee review.

Scholarships through the Branch County Community Foundation are evaluated by a number of factors. Although many students can’t save for college while in high school, those that do still qualify for scholarships and might even improve the chances of receiving a scholarship. “Saving for college shows us that applicants and their families planned ahead, which in turn is one indicator that the applicant will be successful in obtaining her/his higher education goal,” said Daniela Angevine, program officer for the Branch County Community Foundation. “In general when reviewing applications we consider candidates with the lower the number of remaining expenses to be a better candidate for completion of college and obtaining their degrees.”

Other commonly asked questions are: Do I have to complete the FAFSA if I know I won’t qualify for federal financial aid? Yes. A complete application includes the portion of the SAR (student aid report) which shows the EFC (estimated family contribution). In addition, we hold some scholarships for which you have to prove that you do not qualify for financial aid.
If my EFC is too high, will I be disqualified for Community Foundation scholarships? No, for the majority of the scholarships we hold, financial need is not an eligibility factor.  In addition, the Community Foundation holds some scholarships for which applicants must prove that you do not qualify for financial aid.

The Branch County Community Foundation is a non-profit organization and a nationally accredited and state-certified community grant-making foundation that serves communities in Branch County and Colon, Michigan by supporting charitable giving, building permanent endowments, and connecting community resources. For more information about scholarships, please contact the Branch County Community Foundation by calling 517.278.4517 or visit their website at