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Before an application:

1. Meet with our staff to discuss your project.

Before you apply for a grant, please schedule a meeting with our team to discuss your project. The purpose of the meeting is to gather enough information to assess if there is funding available for the particular project or interest area before asking the applicant to go through the more formal grant application process.

There are several ways to schedule a meeting with our staff:

  1. Complete our Contact Form and state that you would like to set up a meeting to discuss a grant proposal

  2. Call or text us at (517) 278-4517

  3. Email

2. Review our application packet and grant guidelines.

Download and review a copy of our Grants Guide, for information about funding priorities, eligibility, submission requirements, deadlines, and helpful resources.

3. Start your grant application.

After meeting with our team and reviewing the Grants Guide, visit our Funding Opportunities page, select the opportunity for which you'd like to apply, and click the "Apply for Grant" button to begin your online application.

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BCCF Grant Application Process

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