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Community Foundation Scholarship Recipients Announced

The Branch County Community Foundation is excited to announce the 2023 Scholarship Recipients! This year, 27 students received a total of $54,500 in scholarships. The recipients are listed below.


  • Abigail Jones - John & Marguerite Kenyon Scholarship, & the Lucille Burnside Scholarship

  • Abigail Travelbee – Mildred G. Hutchins Loan Fund

  • Alexis Ewers - Steve Groholski AMTIG Memorial Scholarship

  • Alexis Sanford - Asama/Gokoh Scholarship

  • Dawson Sharpley - Emory L. Sechrist Scholarship Fund

  • Dezirae Kling - Janette Molby Stephens Scholarship Fund

  • Gabriel DePaz - Asama/Gokoh Scholarship, & the Mildred G. Hutchins Loan

  • Gabriel Fisher - Annette Marie Clarke-Diaz Scholarship, & the Joseph & Ethel Linteau Scholarship

  • Heidi Katz - Lucille Burnside Scholarship, & the Coldwater on the Run Scholarship

  • Ilsa Katz - Lucille Burnside Scholarship Fund

  • Jordyn Crance - May E. & John Losey Moore Family Scholarship

  • Kaylee Wilber - Clifford E. & Charlotte L. Colpetsir Scholarship Fund, the Weston, McCurley, Gerth Scholarship, the Blanche Marie Jones Garn & Glema E. Jones Scholarship, & the Robert Corson Memorial Scholarship

  • Kera Volkmer - Janette Molby Stephens Scholarship, & the Community Foundation Catalyst Scholarship

  • Koby Stewart - Max W. Benjamin Memorial Scholarship

  • Kyla Burdick - Rowena Moore Schragg Memorial Scholarship

  • Kylah Allman - Tim "Doc" Baldwin Memorial Scholarship, & the Catherine E. Russell Scholarship

  • Malek Abdulla - Hillquist Family Scholarship, & the Max W. Benjamin Memorial Scholarship

  • Michael Richer - Wendorf Family Scholarship

  • Mollie Butchart – Southern Michigan Bank & Trust Lester Wise Scholarship

  • Molly Palmer - Catherine E. Russell Scholarship

  • Rahwon Atwain - James E. Rice Memorial Scholarship

  • Sam Abobaker - Steve Groholski AMTIG Memorial Scholarship

  • Samantha Smoker - Straehly Hantz Memorial Scholarship

  • Samuel Jones - Asama/Gokoh Scholarship

  • Simon Vinson - Orla & Cholie Burke Memorial Scholarship, the Colon Kiwanis Club Educational Fund Scholarship, the Fiorell/Johnson Scholarship, and the W.H. Judd Memorial Scholarship

  • Wyatt Worden - Wendorf Family Scholarship

  • Yasin Yahya - James E. Rice Memorial Scholarship

“We would like to thank our Community Foundation staff, Scholarship committee volunteers, and the Community Foundation donors that make these scholarships possible,” said Erica Heminger, Executive Director of the Branch County Community Foundation. “Our Scholarship program is special to us because in most cases these scholarships received were created in memory of someone who is no longer with us. Either the family is honoring their loved one by setting aside money for you to go to college, or the person themselves left money in their Will or Trust that others will also have the opportunity for higher education. Helping maintain an individual’s family’s local legacy is an honor”, said Erica Heminger.

The Community Foundation will be celebrating our scholarship recipients again this year by delivering yard signs to the scholarship recipients who live in Branch County and Colon, as well as posting highlights on our website and social media. Keep an eye out for our Facebook posts to learn more about all this year’s recipients!


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