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YAC Funding Available with new requirements

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is excited to announce that its grant cycle aimed at addressing critical youth issues within our community is officially open. As part of its commitment to empowering youth, YAC has identified key priorities through its comprehensive needs assessment. This grant opportunity focuses on initiatives related to mental health, healthy relationships and bullying, substance abuse, homework assistance, arts and culture, and career exploration.

In past years, YAC has made it is requirement for youth to be involved at a significant level for all YAC grant proposals. YAC recognizes the importance of engaging youth in decision-making processes, but they have decided to remove the youth involvement requirement from their grant cycle and proposals that demonstrate active participation from young individuals will be given preference. YAC firmly believes that collaborative efforts between the youth in our community and community organizations still yield the most effective and sustainable solutions to address the challenges faced by our youth.

The funding opportunity from YAC aims to empower organizations to implement innovative and impactful projects that align with their identified priorities. Projects may include but are not limited to:

  1. Mental Health Initiatives. Programs that promote mental well-being, provide support services and raise awareness about mental health issues among youth.

  2. Healthy Relationships and Bullying Prevention. Projects that foster healthy relationships, prevent bullying and provide youth with necessary skills to navigate and resolve conflicts.

  3. Substance Abuse Prevention. Initiatives aimed at raising awareness about substance abuse, providing education on its risks, and promoting healthy alternatives.

  4. Homework Assistance. Programs that offer academic support, tutoring, and resources to help youth excel academically.

  5. Arts and Culture. Projects that encourage artistic expression, cultural understanding, and creative outlets for youth.

  6. Career Exploration. Initiatives that provide guidance, mentorship, and career development opportunities to help youth explore various career paths.

Interested organizations are encouraged to submit their proposals to YAC by January 31, 2024. The application details, application, and submission are all done online at

YAC and the Branch County Community Foundation remain committed to ensuring that all youth in our community have access to the support and resources they need to thrive! By investing in projects that address the identified priorities, YAC aims to create a positive and nurturing environment for our youth.

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