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Youth Advisory Council Year-End Recap

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Members of our Youth Advisory Council have been very busy this spring!

At their February meeting, the YAC members reviewed applications for the 2023 YAC Grant Cycle. Members held interviews for the grant submissions in March and made final recommendations for funding to the BCCF Board shortly after. Organizations that received funding include Anderson Elementary School in Bronson, the Branch Area Careers Center, Coach Eby Youth & Family Center, Pansophia Academy's Drama Club, and the Coldwater Community Center. Read more about the recipients and their projects.

In late March, YAC members visited 5th-grade classrooms at Colon Community Schools and Pansophia Academy to do an Intro to Philanthropy Presentation. The presentation introduces younger students to philanthropy and provides an overview of the non-profits in our service area. YAC aims to help the 5th graders recognize the different ways to give back and inspire younger people to get involved in making a difference early on. YACers are looking forward to continuing the presentations next year.

At their April meeting, they completed a service project by spending the afternoon stuffing hygiene kits for the ProMedica Clinics at Bronson, Quincy, and Coldwater Community Schools. Each kit included wrapped toothbrushes, soaps, brushes, deodorant, sunscreen, and more. After putting the kits together, they delivered them to each clinic.

In May, the Community Foundation Board and the YAC members got together for a dinner where they reflected on YAC's work the past year and heard about their plans for the future.

Lastly, the BCCF Staff, Board, and YAC Advisors congratulated three YACers who are 2023 graduates: Liam VanWagner, YAC President, Jillian Hawver, and Brooke Stewart! Liam and Jillian were recognized at the YAC Dinner in May, and Brooke was acknowledged at the Senior Awards Night in Colon.

We wish Liam, Jillian, and Brooke all the best as they move forward into a very bright future!

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