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BCCF Welcomes New Board Member

The Branch County Community Foundation is thrilled to welcome Karen Hargreave to the Board of Directors.

The Branch County Community Foundation is thrilled to welcome Karen Hargreave to the Board of Directors.

Karen is a long-time resident of Quincy, Michigan where she is very involved in the community. She received her associate degree in Accounting from Kellogg Community College as well as a bachelor's degree in Management of Human Resources from Spring Arbor University. Her professional career included working for The Department of Community Health as a consultant for the Revenue Enhancement Project as well as the quality manager in a small machine shop.

Karen has an extensive resume in community service, including nonprofit boards and local government. She has long-term involvement with the Village of Quincy as the Village President as well as Council Trustee and also a member of both the Downtown Development Authority and Chamber of Commerce. She has served on many boards including the Adapt Board for 18 years, providing services to county adult foster care recipients and the Branch County Mental Health Board.

An excellent representation of Quincy, Karen has in-depth knowledge of community needs both at a community involvement level, but also with experience as a local landlord. She has served on BCCF’s policy committee for one year, and is always prepared and ready to discuss the policies for the meeting and brings a level of insight that complements the other committee members.

Members of the Board welcoming Karen are Chair Don Germann, vice chair Josh Jones, secretary Patti Miller, treasurer Jenn Searls, directors Keely Beemer, Anne Freiburger, Brian Miller, Adam Wright, Salwa Alsuraimi, and YAC representative Liam VanWagner.

Individuals interested in serving on the board who have knowledge or successful experience in for-profit business and entrepreneurship; nonprofit governance, board development, or fund development, may contact the Community Foundation.

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