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Quincy Rotary to Continue Their Legacy With Two New Endowment Funds at the Branch County Community Foundation

Quincy rotary members

The Quincy Rotary, a pillar in service to the Quincy community since 1937, is officially disbanding on June 30, 2024. With their disbandment, Quincy Rotary is continuing their legacy through the establishment of two new Endowment Funds at the Branch County Community Foundation (BCCF). This decision aims to sustain their impactful charitable initiatives indefinitely, benefiting the current and future generations in the Quincy community.

The Quincy Rotary Projects Fund has been divided into two distinct funds under the management of BCCF. The Quincy Rotary Fund, a field of interest fund, will focus on supporting charitable programs and projects specifically benefiting the Quincy community. This fund aims to address local needs and enhance community welfare in alignment with Quincy Rotary’s longstanding commitment to service.

The second established fund is the Quincy Rotary Scholarship Fund, a scholarship fund designed for Quincy High School students. This fund will continue with Quincy Rotary’s dedication to education and the belief in empowering youth through access to higher education opportunities.

Erica Heminger, BCCF’s Executive Director, expressed gratitude for the Quincy Rotary’s enduring impact. “We are honored to continue the legacy of the Quincy Rotary through the two new endowment funds at the Branch County Community Foundation. Quincy Rotary has been a cornerstone of community support, and by establishing these new funds, their commitment to improving Quincy and supporting education will continue into perpetuity”.

The decision to create the new endowment funds underscores Quincy Rotary’s foresight and commitment to ensuring ongoing community support and educational opportunities for future generations. Through BCCF’s stewardship, the funds will be managed responsibly to maximize their impact and benefit the Quincy community.

For more information on how to contribute to or benefit from these Endowment Funds, please contact the Branch County Community Foundation at 517-278-4517, or visit our office at 2 W. Chicago St Suite E1 in Downtown Coldwater.


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